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Coming into office amidst a pandemic, Tarsha Jackson faced a unique set of circumstances. While other council members worked remotely, she navigated council meetings through virtual platforms like Teams, which limited her opportunities to interact with fellow council members and staff.

Her initial hurdle involved the urgent task of administering vaccines and assisting families dealing with the complexities of remote schooling and work disruptions. Soon after, she spearheaded efforts to recover from the aftermath of Winter Storm Uri. Notably, Tarsha coordinated and supported ten food and water distributions, providing essential aid to over 2,000 families within a three-week span. Additionally, she played a pivotal role in aiding individuals with repairing their pipes, a critical step towards restoring normalcy.

Continuing her tenure, Tarsha diligently worked towards the ongoing recovery from the devastation caused by Hurricane Harvey. Yet, her fourth and current challenge remains considerable: addressing decades of neglect that have manifested in various forms, notably the absence of a quality grocery store, persistently low median incomes, and one of the city's lowest rates of educational attainment. Amidst these challenges, Tarsha Jackson remains steadfastly committed to effecting transformative change within District B.


Make District B office most accessible, transparent, responsive

Raise quality of life in District B neighborhoods

Grow capacity of organizations in District B 



  • we became first office to have a weekly newsletter, the District B Buzz

  • Only office to make our city landline textable

  • Only office to have a monthly briefing, started on Zoom, now in person

  • Only office to have community-led committees to tackle persistent problems: economic development, environment and public safety

  • Created postcard to help constituents report problems to 311 and my office


Constituent victories: had fence and carport replaced that had been destroyed during rebuild, removed unjust lien, returned a car that had been unfairly impounded, preserved historic cemetery, traffic light installed at Homestead and Bennington (took two years), 25 roosters impounded, 


Other Victories: 

  • Secured additional days and hours at all city trash depositories. Advocated resulted in over $18 million dollars allocated to tackle illegal dumping 

  • Submitted 14 storm water action team projects, spurred Mayor to increase funding for SWAT

    • Eight projects completed 

    • Estimated cost $3.3 million

  • To address public safety, introducing the Credible Messenger Program to the city, the Mayor dedicated more than $3 million to the program.

  • Launched BeSuccessful Community Capacity Building Initiative in October 2022, $500 thousand allocated to workforce development. 

  • Funded 12 speed cushion projects, estimated cost $1,000,000

  • Launched small home repair program in partnership with Rebuild Houston, $50,000

  • Launched ditch maintenance program, $50,000

  • Launched disaster preparation program in partnership with Toolbank, $50,000

  • Hired consultant to create master plan for District B, $50,000


Policy wins: 

  • Amendment to Tax Abatement ordinance (this is the amendment I worked with the UNion on)

  • Community Benefits agreement with enterprise fund (the company was being added on the enterprise zone) 

  • Community benefits agreement with Anhiser Bush (we have an agreement)

  • Executive order on MSD sites (Pleasantville

  • Ordinance to provide payment plans to people with water bills higher than $3,500 and $500 for low-income seniors (Submitting an amendment asking that the threshold for seniors be lowered to 1750 and $250.)

  • Increase the number of inspectors to improve code enforcement.

  • CBA with NHP 

  • MSD Executive Order that will require continuing drilling samples after MSD is established.  The Executive order will require two(2) drill samples  within the first ten( 10) years . Drill samples will be in year 4 and 7. 

Illegal Dumping

  • Launched second B-Clean Team

  • Picked up thousands of tires

  • Clean up at minimum four sites every day (per team)

  • Added one day to days of operation for city depositories and increased hours

  • Added option for people to sign up to receive texts reminding them of trash pick up days in their neighborhood.


Promoting the Vote

  • Hosted 3 parties at the polls

  • Co-hosted Roll to the Polls event to promote youth vote

  • Co-hosted American Blackout movie screening


Community Involvement

  • Supported 5 community clean up on Earth Day

  • Delivered food and roses for Mother’s Day in 2021

  • Hosted holiday brunch for more than 100 seniors in December 2021

  • Donated 2000 backpacks (2021 and 2022)

  • Granted approximately $250,000 to community organizations to support their missions, including beautification, education, and health projects (over two years through Case for Kids, Department of Neighborhoods, Health Department)   

  • Donated more than 250 Easter baskets

  • Hosted holiday dinner December 2022, celebrated District B Champions and Heroes 


Constituent Services

  • Calls: 2,500 (over two years)

  • More than 1,700 cases created

  • Attended more than 600 community meetings



  • Brewster Park: upgraded basketball court

  • Tidwell Park: renamed gym, Frank Seals Gymnasium

  • Saved pool from demolition, will now be city’s first year-round pool, estimated cost $10,000,000

  • Renovated Hobart Taylor Park (Mayory’s Love Our Parks) resurfaced and painted basketball court, added new picnic tables, new drinking fountain, new trash barrels, pruned trees, added signage for natural area, new playground coming

  • Renovated Catherine Delce Park (Mayory’s Love Our Parks) Added mini -pitch, resurfaced basketball court, Pagoda, New playground coming, added new shrubs and trash barrels

  • Installed port-a-potties at six parks

  • Replaced lighting at Smokey Jasper, Trotter

  • Brock Golf Course – Renovated clubhouse including restrooms and kitchen, added new playground, disc gold

  • Verde Forest: Pruned trees, new playground coming

  • Lake Forest: pruned trees around the lake

  • Brewster: Installed new drinking fountain system

  • Stubner Airline: Installed new RPZ system on water main to Water spray ground.

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