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Criminal Justice

Families belong together. As your council member I will fight for policies and programs to end mass incarceration, like:

  • Ending debtors’ prison;

  • Expanding job opportunities for folks coming out of the criminal justice system;

  • Promoting bail reform; and

  • Ending practices that unfairly target Black and Latino neighborhoods and families.

affordable housing

All Houstonians deserve a safe, healthy, and affordable place to call home. Homeowners and renters in District B were hard-hit by Hurricane Harvey. Places that didn't flood are now gentrifying.  As your future councilmember, I will convene and collaborate with local residents, responsible developers, and the City’s Housing Department to:


  • Leverage tax incentives to build affordable housing and generate more community benefits;

  • Use federal dollars to build affordable housing and complete infrastructure projects; and

  • Reimagine code enforcement to ensure safe and healthy housing for renters.


Everyone must have access to quality education. Good education is essential for a thriving and successful community. As your council member, I will make sure that the students of District B have the education they are entitled to. That is why I believe:

  • Every child should have free access to Pre-K;

  • Taking a test is not an educational activity;

  • We don’t need the privatization of public schools;

  • Local control over local schools is the best way to deliver for students’

  • We need to end the school-to-prison pipeline.


Houston’s economy should work for working families, not the other way around. Houston families deserve fair wages, second chances, paid sick days, and the right to form a union. I commit to represent the interests of working families and support policies that:

  • Require that corporations receiving tax incentives hire from underserved communities and create good paying jobs;

  • Ensure rest breaks for construction workers to prevent heat exhaustion and workplace fatalities;

  • Protect public health and healthy families by requiring paid sick days; and

  • Ensure a level playing field for responsible, local, and minority-owned contractors looking to do business with the City of Houston.


Events like the 2013 superfund site explosion in West, Texas should never happen. As your council member, I will work to:

  • Increase transparency about superfund sites and businesses that work with hazardous and toxic materials;

  • Implement a better reporting and alert system

you have a say

This is your city. Democracy doesn't work unless residents know about and have a say in how their government is run. I commit to improving transparency and engaging the residents of District B as your council member. Send me your ideas and priorities for District B!

Thanks for sharing your ideas!

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