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Re-elect Tarsha Jackson for District B 2024


Dedicated to Community, Committed to Progress.

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Tarsha was born and raised in Acres Homes, Greenspoint and North Forest in Houston, Texas. She raised her children here, went to school here, and has been fighting for the people of District B since the early 2000s.

Over the past 17 years, she's been a champion for fairness and equality for families and communities across Houston. Tarsha is running for City Council District B to take that fight to the next level.

Tarsha's life changed when her son was incarcerated when he was just 11 years old. She went from being a working mom to a parent-advocate. The work she's done organizing other parents resulted in practical change for kids and parents across Texas: legislative reform in how the criminal justice system treats kids.

Now Tarsha wants to get to work for you, and for Houston.

When Tarsha Jackson embarked on her initial campaign to serve as the representative for district B, she wholeheartedly pledged her dedication to championing various critical issues. Her steadfast resolve encompassed the pursuit of creating favorable employment opportunities, addressing flooding concerns, enhancing public safety measures, and elevating the overall quality of life for the district's residents.

At the core of her aspirations was a vision to transform the accessibility, transparency, and responsiveness of district B offices. Concurrently, she aimed to uplift the living standards within district B neighborhoods and bolster the capabilities of local organizations.

Having assumed the responsibilities of her elected position, notable strides have been realized in the pursuit of these objectives. Yet, the journey ahead remains substantial. As she looks forward to her upcoming term, Tarsha Jackson remains resolute in her commitment to see through the culmination of these initiatives that were set in motion under her leadership.

When I originally ran to represent the residents of district B, I committed to fight for good jobs, tackle flooding, address public safety and improve the quality of life for our residents. My main goals were to make District B offices more accessible, transparent, responsive, Raise the quality of life in District B neighborhoods and grow the capacity of organizations in District B. Since taking office, we’ve made great progress in accomplishing these goals, but we still have a lot of work to do. In my next term I commit to finishing what  we started.

As your District B Councilmember over the last 2 years, I have 


  • Added $20 million for Local Drainage Projects in the 2024 fiscal year budget, which will be used to transfer maintenance ownership of open ditches back to the city, reversing a failed policy of more than 20 years that made each property owner responsible for maintenance and left our neighborhoods vulnerable to flooding.

  • Advocated for more resources to battle illegal dumping, resulting in more than $18 million from the Mayor’s One Clean Houston. 

  • Secured additional days and hours at all city trash depositories. 

  • Introduced the Credible Messenger Mentoring program to the Mayor who allocated $3 million as part of One Safe Houston.

  • Allocated more than $1.4 million in district service funds to traffic control speed cushion projects 

  • Steered more than $600,000 to workforce development and job training. 

  • Invested over $215,000 in community organizations through partnerships


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